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i'm listening to Stardust's "Gym & Tonic" on an old Terrence Parker cheese house mix. it's making me dance in my seat.

OMG HELP i'm having a rave moment.

"and back two three four five six seven eight...
and back two three four five six seven eight...
and back two three four five six seven eight...
and back...

chances are you've worked up a good sweat by now!"

gonna put on an old charles feelgood mix next. ;D

dammit, weekends used to be so much fun.
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This passage tackles a chiefly epistemological problem: whether sense-certainty can be legitimately construed as knowledge existing in its purest form , that is, whether sense-certainty, the product of sense-perception, can truly be considered an “essence,” an object whose character cannot be superseded by relations peripheral or internal and which cannot be parsed into further constituent parts (thus conferring the title “perfect entirety.”) Movement through the passage reveals a progressive invalidation of such prima facie notions of supremacy and atomism; by the end of paragraph three, the reader is lead to see that the truth content of sense-certainty is not evident in the mere perceivable existential ‘fact’ of an object of sense-perception, true content is apprehended in the form of the “universal,” a “simple thing…which is [i.e. exists] through negation.”

Rhetorical movement through paragraph two shows the narrator first taking the notion of “immediacy” as the object of sense-certainty’s fundamental character and expressing it as a “This” – as an abstraction of a general thing presently perceived by our somatic sensory field. The narrator then reformulates “This” into terms which express the fundamental character of “This”, that is, into This’ spatial relation (“Here”) and temporal relation (“Now”) to the locus of sense-perception. The narrator treats This “Here” and “Now” as the single manifold truth object of sense-certainty.

At this juncture a problem arises: that the temporal character of “Now” may alter the truth character of Now and thus be incompatible with the “immediacy” integral to sense-certainty. The narrator addresses this problem in paragraph three by asserting the existence of an ontological system of mediation: identification achieved by negation. “Now” thus exists only as a unity of two truth statements: the present and the not-present, or as expressed by the narrator’s test case, the present moment of Night and the negation of the present moment, Not-Night, i.e. “Day.” Truest knowledge, then, albeit obtained through sense-certainty, points not at the immediate product of sense-perception but at the dialectic embodied within that product – within such “universals.”

When functionally situated within the larger text, this passage lays groundwork instrumental to later discussion of the quest for self-certainty and the master-slave dialectic.
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Zagori98 (3:22:50 PM): I think you and I should sit down
speedypete312 (3:22:58 PM): and form a fascist state?
Zagori98 (3:23:02 PM): and make a political/economic system that SUCKS for everyone
Zagori98 (3:23:38 PM): A system where EVERYONE loses
Zagori98 (3:23:57 PM): we can write under a pen name
Zagori98 (3:24:06 PM): and pretend to be an 18th century philosopher
speedypete312 (3:24:58 PM): dude, that would so rock
speedypete312 (3:25:07 PM): we'd have to make sure everyone got shafted as much as possible
Zagori98 (3:25:11 PM): EXACTLY
Zagori98 (3:25:14 PM): NO ONE benefits
speedypete312 (3:25:24 PM): like...have some sort of religious mandate where bourgeois society has to eat their own babies
Zagori98 (3:25:29 PM): hahaha

world domination is patent-pending.
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whoa dude. marx is hardcore.
funny to hear him trash hegel while he simultaneously rips the guy off. very classy. i likey.
status report: i am officially behind in everything. have lots to catch up on this weekend. i'm so excited, huhhuhuh
damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

i'm pretty sure i have to read A Portrait of a Lady and Returning the Screw for Steiner's class this wednesday. i hopeHenry James is more interesting than his brother.

you don't care.

i also have to read god knows how many articles for Human Rights. i hope professor Green lets me into his class tomorrow. apparently it's not a sure thing, he merely mentioned to Jay that he was considering it. doh! but it's a very very good sign, so we will hope.

hmm i wonder if Rhea will let me crash at her place Friday night so i can just stay in Hyde Park and study? hmm should look into that.

i hope all of you are having a fantastic midweek. remember: you're the man now, dawg.

p.s. taranee says i lost weight since she saw me last. maybe i should start eating more pussy. BWAAHAHAHAH BETCHA DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!
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Dear Mr. Siriprakorn,

Thank you for your message. We have corrected your registration to include Bert Cohler's "Adolescence and Youth" class (HUDV 30001) and have dropped the non-credit workshop (HUDV 30000), which was the result of a key punch error in this office. I apologize for the mistake. It seems that everything that possibly could go wrong with a person's registration is happening to you this quarter. I want to assure you that we are very concerned with the problems you (and others) are experiencing and are working hard to correct them. Last week the Registrar announced a major reorganization in his office to deal with problems of Time Schedule listings and room assignments, and tomorrow I will attend a meeting where one of the main topics will be how better to set enrollment caps and do cross-listings in courses so that they don't become oversubscribed but, at the same time, everyone has a fair shot at getting into them. At that meeting, I also plan to give the Register a copy of your message in which you describe all the problems you've been having, since he needs to be informed of the full extent of these difficulties on individual students. In addition, we will follow up on your question of whether or not the Human Rights course will be offered next quarter and will let you know. At the same time, I hope you will continue to work with the faculty administrators in MAPH to resolve your specific registration problems. If the matters you raise with them sometimes fall outside their jurisdiction, they will know whom to contact. Also, feel free to contact me if have further questions or problems. We are all concerned about your situation and are doing our best to help.


(in response to this e-mail)
Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

yes, this message was a duplicate (save for the addendum at the end), and i apologize if i've come across as either militant or redundant (or both, at worst case). please understand that i'm accustomed to dealing with institutional bureacracies in which a person must shout (and shout to many) to be heard at all. i have no idea who to centrally contact about these issues, both in way of finding a resolution and, perhaps more importantly, in way of voicing a complaint about the system that's currently in place. the issue of whether Human Rights I will be held next quarter for example seems to extend beyond the MAPH program's realm -- the MAPSS student affairs administrator provided me with information that the Human Rights Department could not corroborate, and as you know, both are housed within the social sciences division. ultimately this issue (as well as issues with the registrar) seemed to lie beyond Jay and Candace's "jurisdiction," which is why i thought fielding an e-mail to people outside of MAPH might help.
i have good faith that my particular situation will be resolved, but ultimately i would hope that the string of mishaps and messups (which to date seem to continue -- note the bottom of my message, which mentions the registrar's latest mistake made earlier today) would be made useful -- made known to people who aren't immediately proximate to me. thank you for your response, and for getting in touch with Jay and Candace on my behalf. i do appreciate your time, and the last thing i'd intended was to step on anyone's toes.

-pete siriprakorn
wouldn't it be funny if you were getting an ultrasound done on yer babeh and the machine's operating system bluescreened during the procedure?


hahaha ok well i thought that was funneh.
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northwestern sent me a letter. it was brief.
it said "Welcome to graduate school. kthanksbye."
that's all i have to say for now.

i'm going to go explode into a thousand pieces
of confetti and silly string.

neil was my witness. i shouted into my pillow,

i am blessed.
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the show was fucking amazing! too bad they didn't play
like spinning plates, which kelly and i were practically
creaming for. they did however play fake plastic
trees, which made me melt into a pile of dried sap.
it was pure ecstasy.

we met up with amy amber and matt on the way there.
met up with annie and her little posse but lost track
of them. there were like fifty-thousand people there.
i wanted to incite a riot but Martin fairly vetoed
the proposition.

so now we're all back in my apartment. everyone's
pretty much falling asleep. it's been a fun weekend,
hanging out with martin and kelly yesterday and
today has been a blast.

will of course post more later. maybe pictures too.

oh, p.s. Finding Nemo is still an AMAZING movie.
when i die i want to come back as a clownfish.
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somebody PLEASE go with me to see PEGBOY!!!
help! i'm gushing! ;)

>December 23rd. 2002 All Ages at Metro in Chicago - The 10th Annual
>Winternationals featuring PEGBOY, The TOSSERS, and THE GC5.
>Ten Years ago, The Blue Meanies put together the very first Winter
>Nationals and carried on the tradition for 8 years until the demise of our
>beloved avante-tricksters, but still, the show must go on... The line-ups
>for The Winternationals have included the most essential bands of the time;
>Alkaline Trio, Alligator Gun, Oblivion, Naked Raygun, The Tossers, Lawrence
>Arms, The Gadjts, Rise Against, Apocalypse Hoboken, and of course The Blue
>Meanies. This years show is proving to rival all past shows with legends,
>PEGBOY coming out of psuedo retirement. They will share the stage with
>THICK Records very own TOSSERS and THE GC5. Stay tuned as one last band is
>to be announced.
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i found out more details from jeff.
apparently aaron had attempted suicide a week earlier. he'd taken 30 valium but had used his cellphone to call his mom at the last minute -- and that had saved his life... for the time being.
friday night he repeated the scenario. but did one thing differently -- he smashed his cellphone (i wonder if with his fists) -- probably so no one could reach him, most likely so he couldn't change his mind.
that to me is fucked up.
but it somehow makes this all easier to understand.
it's almost as if...well, that he was intent on doing it. that it wasn't just some minute failure on the part of his friends, his ex-girlfriend. that it wasn't a matter of simply tipping the scale with one finger, like a friendly e-mail or casual phone call might have made him think differently.
it's infinitely hard to think that we -- his friends and family -- may have held his life in our hands. but the truth is he held his life in his own. maybe i didn't really see that before.
the fact that he so angrily wanted his life to end...maybe that means it wasn't just despair he was faced with. it was, in his mind, some certainty that he could not or did not want to go on.
you try it once, you slip up. no matter.
you try it again, this time you get it right.
it was wholly intentional.
that's just how i make sense of it.

aaron's suicide wasn't a stunt gone bad. it wasn't a close brush with life.
it was a definitive act, something the fibers of his being pulled him toward. he destroyed his only means of communication -- and that being said...he must have really wanted out.

i don't know what that means for me, laura, jeff, and the rest of us...
but fuck. this suddenly makes a lot more sense.
R.I.P. Aaron Criger...if this is what you wanted, i hope that you've found some peace.
now i wonder if when he called me thursday night...if he didn't just want to hang out and have fun like old times...and somehow say his goodbye.

thank you guys for any kind words.
you offer a hand...and it hasn't gone unappreciated, even if i'm scared to take hold.
stay strong.


Nov. 3rd, 2002 02:42 pm
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oh jesus. i don't know what to say right now. or how to feel.
i think i'm supposed to feel more than what i am.
an old friend of mine who i'd distanced myself from over the last year took his own life sometime in the last few days. i got a phone call from his psuedo-estranged girlfriend an hour ago - and like the asshole i am, i didn't pick up the phone when the ID said it was her.

god, all of your stupid reasons for avoiding people and keeping minimum safe distance from their cesspool dramas...all that seems so stupid and insignificant and maybe even criminal the moment you find out somebody's gone.

i don't know what to think. all i know is that at one point he and she were both fairly good friends of mine...and when things started spiraling out of control -- the abuse in their relationship, his drug use/dealing -- i took a step back to save my own skin.

i bitch all the time about how people don't care about others, about how dispassionate and disengaged the world is. how bleeding hearts are met with cold shouldered indifference. and i did the same fucking thing.
why? because i couldn't stand watching it all happen? and not be able to do a damned thing about it?
because i was afraid of getting sucked in, getting caught up in it all?

i saw him last thursday for the first time in months.
he came into the school of ed to check his e-mail. now i wonder if he didn't come in hoping to run into me at work.
he gave me his number which i already had.
i'd labeled it in my cellphone as SKETCH AARON. i never picked up when he called.
afterward i cringed and maked a jab at how weird it was to see people you don't want to see.

fuck when i saw makes me sick how fake and casual i was. we chit chatted as if nothing bad had ever happened. no week long drug binges. no fucking up his last year at UofM. no beating his girlfriend. no delusional states. a few times he mentioned climbing his way out of his depression, finally getting his life together. he acknowledged that he knew things had gotten out of control. i was evasive. i didn't want to get entrenched in it because i knew if i had something to say, something i saw that he didn't see, he wasn't the type of person to be open and listen.

it was always me listening to him. and holding back.
in the end, anyway. before i walked away.
real friendship has to be a two way street.

at least that's what i tell myself.
i'm not so presumptuous that i'd say i feel guilt ridden...i'd removed myself from him for a long time anyway...but if i had known that he was about to break...
maybe i would have given him another chance.

fucking-A, the sick irony is that i've avoided him all these months. dreaded when he'd call me. dreaded running into him, what i'd say, the weird social quirks of navigating the wall between us. and now that still lingers. only this time...
it's for good.
fuck fuck fuck fuck what the hell did he go and do that for?
goddammit aaron if you were at your wits end why didn't you just fucking say so? :(

i can't even begin to deal with this the right way. if there is one.
this doesn't feel real right now.

...i will always remember him the way he was before this all started. who he was when we first became friends. he and laura used to want me to live with them. move out to california with them after we graduated. back when things were good. they always told me to stay in touch. that i was one of the few friends they had that they really wanted to keep.
fucking A.

fucking A.
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it is true that in ann arbor, "felch" street runs parallel to "hiscock" street
really. dead serious

wish they'dve intersected


Oct. 4th, 2002 11:07 pm
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Filtered underwear fights flatulence

By Erin Emery

Denver Post Southern Colorado Bureau

Friday, June 15, 2001 – You know the moment everyone pretends to ignore? When someone unpacks their grip, lets one rip, cuts the cheese?

Your nose hair curls. Your eyes tear up.


It’s a subject most people don’t talk about, unless, of course, you’re a young boy who delights in every melodic note.

Buck Weimer, 62, of Pueblo is different than most adults. He actually likes talking about, um, farts. He’ll even tell you what happened after a huge Thanksgiving dinner more than six years ago.

He and his wife, Arlene, 57, who suffers from Crohn’s disease, a form of inflammatory bowel syndrome, were lying under the covers when she let go a bomb.

“I’m laying in bed with her, sort of suffering silently,” he said.

Out of the silence came determination. Something had to be done.

More than six years later, Buck Weimer has a new invention: Under-Ease, airtight underwear with a replaceable charcoal filter that removes bad-smelling gases before they escape. Weimer received a patent in 1998.

The undies are made from a soft, airtight, nylon-type fabric. Elastic is sewn around the waist and both legs. The removable filter – which looks similar to the shoulder pads placed in women’s clothing – is made of charcoal sandwiched between two layers of Australian Sheep’s wool.

“It sounds like a brilliant idea,” said Dr. Robert Nieder, past president of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation in Denver. “If there’s a fairly good seal … charcoal filters remove odors.”

The trickiest part of developing the undies was finding a filter that wasn’t too bulky but could capture the bad-smelling gas and allow the non-smelling gas – hydrogen and oxygen – to pass through. Weimer tweaked a filter used in gas masks worn by coal miners and inserted it into the rump of his undies.

Earlier this year, in the first run, 750 pairs of underwear were created, and Colorado Contract Cut & Sew of Denver is now assembling another run. They come in boxers for men, and panties for women and sell for $24.95; two replacement filters cost $9.95.

The company’s motto: “Wear them for the ones you love.”

The Weimers are accustomed to the jokes and locker room humor. Behind the levity, though, flatulence can be a serious problem for some people.

Arlene Weimer, a psychologist in Pueblo, has suffered from Crohn’s disease for 25 years. Her most embarrassing moment came when a client came to her office and said it smelled like a sewer. He asked about plumbing problems.

Even though a healthy person farts an average of 16 times a day, according to, flatulence is a very private matter. The Weimers set up a booth at a health fair in Pueblo. People took brochures, but no one purchased Under-Ease. Almost every sale has come from via the Internet.

Since the Weimers started selling Under-Ease, they’ve heard heart-warming stories from customers. One elderly woman said she hadn’t been to church for two years because she was embarrassed by her flatulence. A grandfather of a 10-year-old boy with digestive problems said his grandson nearly lost his best friend because he couldn’t stand the smell.

“We’re really doing this a lot out of trying to help people,” Arlene Weimer said.
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When I arrived at MIT as a first-year graduate student in electrical engineering and computer science, I asked a professor for help with a research problem. He said "The reason that you've having trouble is that you don't know anything and you're not working very hard." A friend of mine was a surgery resident at Johns Hopkins. He complained to one of his teachers that he was having trouble concentrating because he'd been up all night for several nights in a row. The professor replied "Oh... does your pussy hurt?" According to Business Week, Jack Welch "encouraged near-brutal candor in the meetings he held [at GE]".
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i'm pissing my pants as we speak.
and no, I do not listen to jimmy eat world, shitty, disgusting bubble gum pop.

Royal Oak Theatre
Royal Oak, MI
Tuesday, September 24, 2002 8:00PM
Charge by Phone: 248-645-6666
Seating Chart

Ticket Sale Date(s):
Internet Presale Begins: Fri Aug 23, 1:00PM
Internet Presale Ends: Thu Aug 29, 9:00PM
Internet Public Sale: Fri Aug 30, 10:00AM

TUE SEP 24, 2002 8:00PM


Apr. 22nd, 2002 03:10 am
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kevin yost RAWKED THE HOUSE!!!!!!
'twas a great night out. practically everyone was there! a few missing persons that i had hoped to see...Greg, namely. and Jeremy. Nawal and Lindsay, but they rarely come out to the Necto nowadays. the entire club was packed full of everyone we knew. a lot of the old partiers came out in full force -- kids from out of town, old UofM ex-rave alumnis, some of the typical old Motor crowd... it was just like old times. everyone busting moves on the dancefloor. hugs, high fives, pats on the shoulder, laughs all around. pranks. jokes. long island ice teas. goddamn DJ hoes ;) damn i miss that comraderie. we're all so vibrant when we're all together, when the music unites us like that. it's still magic, even to this day.
so jon voigt spun a great opening set...he really does look like a superstar dj up in that dj booth. =) i was a tool and tried called his cellphone while he was spinning (becca and i were on the dancefloor directly below). he actually picked up! ducked away from the turntables to take the call. haha i hope it didn't ruin his mix. ;) thankfully he thought it was funny.
i'm going to miss becca when she moves out to philadelphia to go to Temple U. in the fall. =( i'll have to visit her. i love that girl. she's a spark from a live wire, i'm telling you. that girl just screams LIFE.

anyway, bedtime for me. some drama involving my housemates. if i haven't already posted it, i'll be sure to later.


"Keep Your Eyes Open" - Fugazi
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i found my blowtorch. i thought i'd lost it. you know, the little butane glass-smoking micro torch? they sell them at meijer. very handy, very cool, infinitely sketchy. would not advise toying with one. for professionals only.

i don't know why i'm itching to smoke! it's been a very long time. but not long enough.
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