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Mar. 4th, 2013 09:10 pm
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in tomorrow's public speaking class i'm to tell a story pertaining to sound advice once given. so i've chosen to relate how depressed and suicidal i was my junior year of high school after being forcibly transplanted from my beloved (and in hindsight terribly provincial) northern virginia to the wilds of bangkok, thailand, in the company of a psychotic cunt mother who haunts my dreams to this day (i will leave that part out of course).

the story will be about how an unlikely friend, ms. Dava Romyanond, reminded me many a time when i was despondent and crying over the phone, feeling as trapped as my young years would allow, that "this too shall pass." and of how those words, however trite now with the passage of time, reminded me of the immanent possibility of hope, and that temporality is never so much a pool so much as a flood, and that its violent tide will always bring you awash to fresh shores, and your task is not to cling, not to pit yourself against your losses, but to strive to unmoor yourself and embrace the radically new.

(how to fit that into two minutes i've no idea but there you have it. my closet optimism despite myself, thanks to one davajinee romyanond.)

p.s. there will be a story about Taranee Anne at some point.
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