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herro i came from the rave!  detroit/the midwest, sometime in the late 90s i popped out full-grown (well you can be the judge of that.)  not sure how i got here but boy are my arms tired!   not so much into burrowing through vaginal canals, you see.

i sometimes make short films.  maybe you'll like them. (my professional videographer samples are at my vimeo)

once upon a time there was an academic paper to be written about queer (hetero)masculinity, white imperialism, and normative embodiment but that ship has left the naval yard (full of seamen, you'll be glad to know.)

there was also an entire dissertation to be written about post-industrialization and uneven globalization, the aesthetics of ruin / poetics of failure, minimal techno culture, and the cunt-inually shifting affective politics of post late-modern belonging. that ship sank due to a crisis of faith in 'the system' and a global economic recession that slashed funding at Brown MCM, amidst more than a few sadfaces, as well as a certain degree of inevitability.

(last totes 4srs writing on normativity, contingency, american liberal individualism and post-war middle-class white heterobro-masculine subjectivity here:

when i'm not playing video games, i'm out being rave/dada. i run on sunlight and warm weather.  winter is death.

this blog is rarely updated. but it's glad you're here.   me likey when u say hai godaddyanalytics
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