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i think my dad is like, seriously lucid this time.  in a perduring way, not as if i'd been granted some sort of ephemeral visitation right or something, the experience of shared custody in the care of someone momentarily sane.  tonight over dinner he spoke at length about how transparent my mother's illness is now, about how he wished he had seen it sooner.

"i can't believe it took me twenty years to get out of her head," he said. "i understand it's not about asking you to forgive me. it's not about forgiveness.  i'm just looking forward to a new relationship with you, whatever we can have."

i stared awkwardly down at my lamb shawarma because time is precious and waits for no man.

in other news, i have almost recovered from DEMF 2009!  pics are up here.  it was an outstanding weekend, one of the best in recent history, i would say.  a bit gauche at times but what you gonna do?  our scene encourages that sort of behavior.  witness loco dice and luciano commanding a thrall of rabid fans.  not since hitler's youth have we engendered that kind of solidarity.  and this time without all the death!  such $avings, y'all!

fortunately, at the time i write this I'm about 90% moved into my new apartment next door to Atomly/J3s/etc.  it's quiet because most of the crew is raving it up in Montreal at MUTEK.  kristin, j3s, and melissa are at Studio B to support Derek and Juan.  i have to meet the movers at noon tomorrow to fetch my bed, desk, and couch so i'm staying in for once.   plus zev and gadi are throwing a Wolf and Lamb party tomorrow night -- likely to be the last for awhile since zev is off to berlin afterward.  will be a late one for sure.  wondering how to explain that one to dad.  should i duck out of the party at 8 a.m. to eat breakfast with him before he drives back to D.C.?  wear sunglasses or just avoid eye contact while coming out of a hole?  should i offer him a bump?  should i define what a bump is?  serious questions for serious peeps, yo.  he's an M.D., so he prolly did 'ludes in the 60s.  (it's cool, it's cool)

oh fuck. my bathroom ceiling is leaking.  but i just moved in, professor!

anyway, tomorrow's party should be at least as amazing as the last. not sure when minimal got so epic but fuck, i'll take it i'll take it!  age of desperation u knoe   (pictures below)

** good seeing all you detroiters last weekend.  had a smashing good time as always.  xoxo!! **


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