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so the other day i finally said fuck it and wrote a brief e-mail to Lauren. said i did end up graduating in August, that i stuck with the topic we'd agreed on so long ago (has it really been 3+ years? jesus.) attached a copy of my thesis not with the expectation that she'd read it, but to say thank you for inspiring me to write it. and wished her well.

now as some of you may know, i was a neurotic spazzy avoidant panicky weirdo the entire time i was at the UofC. i inadvertently dumped some of my baggage on her because she's just an amazing person/mentor/teacher, and i've always regretted that.

anyway, to my surprise she wrote back congratulating me! she actually apologized for not having had the time to supervise, as she'd had to go out of the country. she very kindly wished me well back. :) this made me very happy.

lately amid the turbulence of partying and chillaxing and moonwalking and dreaming i've experienced a new kind of peace of mind, an inner sense of freedom that doesn't feel false at the root. things just feel incredibly RIGHT somehow. i acknowledge that i have the same day to day struggles as everyone else, but it's as if some leaky pipe inside me has been sealed up, and i am more present to myself and the world around and in me.

(does not stop me from rocking the sunny day real estate, however. InTenz muziks always good 4 us ALTs)

summer 08 has been a drifting balloon and with fall i am feeling more alive than i have in years

so yeah, here's my thesis. it was very well regarded. THE FINAL PRODUCT!

p.s. a good friend of mine recently got news that someone close to him had passed away, and under less than wholesome circumstances. G if you're reading this, hang in there mang. my line's always open brosef

p.p.s. the new Young Widows is effing great

Date: 2008-09-12 03:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am always pleased to read when you are doing well and are happy. Right on, Pete.

thank you

Date: 2008-09-13 12:58 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
thank you, pete. your call on thursday meant a lot to me, as does this post. we just got back to nyc and will be on our way to wisconsin tomorrow. i just turned 31 and am attending my second funeral for a college friend. we are too young for this shit.

i will need some good, chillaxing times when i get back next week. i'll give you a call.



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